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Religion (200 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
• Defines sacrament as an outward sign of God’s love for us
• Identifies the seven sacraments of the Catholic Faith broken down into sacraments of initiation, healing, and commitment
• Celebrates the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist and Reconciliation
• Understands sacraments as celebrations of life
• Sees Jesus as the sacrament of God’s presence
• Recognizes the Catholic Church as the Sacrament of Jesus’ presence in the world
• Studies and prays psalms
• Reads various New Testament sources
• Enhances masses by participating and preparing Liturgy/Prayer
• Participates in morning offering and petitions, noon prayers, and afternoon prayers
• Employs various prayer forms, including the traditional prayer
• Performs the Rosary and attends Stations of the Cross
• Attends weekly Mass
Social Justice
• Participates in volunteer activities which aid those in need, the poor, and the elderly
• Assists primary children during weekly Masses


Language Arts (625 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
• Builds vocabulary through understanding of word structure, use of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, as well as the use of the dictionary and thesaurus
• Increases comprehension through prediction, inference, comparison, and the drawing of conclusions
• Understands cause and effect
• Differentiates between fact and opinion
• Identifies story elements as wells as author’s point of view
• Employs various reference tools to effectively find information within books, journals, newspapers, and libraries, as wells as accessing online information
• Reading point goals set every quarter through use of Accelerated Reader and Scholastic Reading Counts
• Utilizes writing process strategies: pre-writing, rough draft, proof reading, revising, and final copy
• Constructs effective writings of varying length to include single and multiple paragraph works
• Develops writings of different genres to include: comparative, explanatory, expository, personal narrative, persuasive, and story writing
• Produces a research paper using multiple sources, including the correct citing of sources
• Writes using captivating wording, correct grammar, and mechanics
Listening and Speaking
• Processes oral information in order to formulate thought- provoking questions to enhance learning
• Edifies through engaging and informational oral presentations
• Engages in constructive dialogue
• Clarifies views with supportive examples


Mathematics (250 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
Number Sense
• Works comfortable with very large (millions) and very small (thousandths) numbers
• Utilizes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with multi-digit whole numbers and decimals
• Understands number line placement of integers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
• Identifies least common multiple and greatest common factor of number pairs
• Equates proper, improper, and mixed fractions
• Uses rounding and compatible numbers to estimate
• Adds and subtracts negative numbers
Algebra and Functions
• Constructs and solves simple algebraic expressions with one variable
• Places ordered pairs in the four quadrants of the coordinate plane
• Graphs simple algebraic expressions
• Maps and extends geometric and numeric patterns
Measurement and Geometry
• Chooses appropriate unit of measure for weight, length, volume, and temperature
• Employs correct terminology with regard to line, angle, circle, and three-dimensional rectangular prisms
• Calculates perimeter and area of a variety of polygons and circles
• Finds the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms
• Explores tessellation, translation, reflection, and figure rotation
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability
• Calculates mean, mode, and median of a given set of numbers
• Employs appropriate types of graphs to most effectively display data
• Utilizes graphs to predict trends
Mathematical Reasoning
• Deciphers information in word problems to determine means to arrive at its successful solution
• Utilizes various strategies to problem solve
• Makes precise calculations and verifies to assure validity


Science (175 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
Physical Science
• Sequences the complexity of atoms, elements, and compounds, and understands how the inter-relate to make all types of matter
• Observes various properties of matter and how it may change states
• Classifies various forms of energy and their transfer 
Earth Science
• Diagrams the following cycles: water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide/oxygen
• Assess the Earth’s weather through the analysis of the moment of air masses
• Compares Earth with its moon, the sun, and the planets in our solar system
Life Science
• Classifies living things
• Understands the development of body systems from single cells
• Investigates plant adaptations and processes
Investigation and Experimentation
• Asks meaningful questions and participates in investigations to develop further understanding of concepts


Social Studies (175 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
• Traces earliest migration of prehistoric tribes into North America and their adaptations to the environment
• Identifies various explorers and their accomplishments
• Studies: colonization, independence, government formation, western frontier expansion, and the division of the union
• Distinguishes various geographic regions within the United states and understands the relationship between human survival      and the land
• Locates the 50 states and identifies their capitals 

• Recognizes the significance of trade between Europe and the Americas
• Studies the economies of the early colonies
• Analyzes the British debt after the French and Indian War
• Understands the importance of a dependable monetary system in the young United States
• Sees the USA as a pluralistic society
• Role-plays life as an explorer
• Role-plays life at the dawn of the Revolutionary War
Ethics and Beliefs
• Distinguishes between Puritan, Quaker, and Native American belief systems
• Contrasts the arguments for and against slavery in the United States
Social and Political Systems
• Compares Native American and Colonial American cultures
• Juxtaposes matriarchal and democratic forms of government


Computer (45 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
• Uses formal typing skills to correctly format and type a paragraph
• Continues to polish and enhance formal keyboarding skills using proper technique
• Increases typing speed by 5 words per minute-timed typing tests
• Introduction to bibliography, proper format, and using special keys and fonts
• Learns correct computer terminology
• Learns to use Excel-fitting data to cells and graphing
• Cuts, copies, and pastes text
• Discusses and understands computer etiquette and computer ethics


Physical Education (90 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
Exercise and Calisthenics and Sports Skills
• Participates in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program
• Plays agility games and relay races
• Takes part in and learns the rules for: basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball
• Builds good sportsmanship and teamwork
• Improves ball skills
• Develops an understanding for physical health and nutrition


Fine Arts (90 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
• Uses various media including pencil, crayon, chalk History
• Studies a variety of artists throughout history
• Emulates simplified versions of various artists’ techniques
Music Appreciation
• Sings various songs
• Studies basic note and key signatures


Educational Field Trips

Book List: A variety of books are available in the school library. You may print out a list of acceptable books from the school website: http://www.stbarbara.com


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