Kindergarten - Ms. Margaret Petracca
Welcome to my classroom page! Below you will find important information regarding the class curriculum.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.




RELIGION (100 Weekly Minutes)
• Participates in prayer, worship, and devotions
• Recognizes the dignity of each person because he/she is a child of God.
• Attends weekly mass
• Coordinates at least one all school mass
• Learns basic formal prayers
• Recognizes the Bible as the story of God’s people
• Recognizes Creation as a gift from God
• Understands that each individual is a unique child of God with special gifts to share
• Understands the meaning of the sacrament of Baptism
• Learns about the skills and virtues of Christian Family living (Family Life)
• Shares in the missionary effort of the Church through prayer and sacrifice

Language Arts (300 Weekly Minutes)

• Identifies the upper and lower case alphabet letters by name and sound
• Identifies beginning and ending letter sounds
• Recognizes the difference between a letter and a word
• Sounds out simple words
• Reads simple sentences
• Identifies parts of a book (cover, back, spine)
• Identifies the title, author and illustrator of a book
• Reading levels are assessed using Star Reader
• Comprehension is assessed through Accelerated Reader
• Reading awards are earned through Scholastic Reading Counts 
• Learns to write from left to right and top to bottom
• Learns to print the alphabet in both upper and lower case using controlled paper
• Begins to draw, dictate, and write words using phonetic spelling
• Begins to use capital letters and spaces between words 
• Begins to use ending punctuation
Listening and Speaking
• Begins to use appropriate listening behaviors
• Understands and follows oral directions
• Shares information and ideas, using complete sentences
• Participates in rhymes, stories, songs, and repetitive patterns
Home Reading
Parents are encouraged to participate in daily reading as well as the Scholastic Reading Counts program with their kindergartner. A variety of books are available in the school library and classroom. You may print out a list of acceptable books from the school website:


Mathematics (175 Weekly Minutes)
Number Sense
• Identifies and writes numerals to 100
• Identifies ordinal positions (first, next, last)
• Identifies ordinal dates on the calendar (1st-31st)
• Puts numerals in 1-10 sequence
• Associates numbers with members of a set
• Begins to estimate amounts
• Recognizes when an estimate is reasonable
• Applies the concepts of more than, less than, equal, and not equal
• Begins to recognize half and whole
• Begins to identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar bill
• Is introduced to simple addition and subtraction
Algebra and Functions
• Identifies, sorts, and classifies objects by attributes
• Identifies, describes, and extends simple patterns 
Measurement and Geometry
• Identifies geometric shapes
• Measures using non-standard units
• Weighs using non-standard units
• Beings to tell time to the hour and half-hour
• Uses the calendar (days of the week and months of the year)
• Demonstrates concept of time (yesterday, today, and tomorrow)
• Names position of objects
Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability
• Participates in making, using, and recording information using objects, pictures, and picture graphs
• Reads and interprets simple graphs


Science (60 Weekly Minutes)
Physical Science
• Learns that the properties of materials can be observed, measured, and predicted
• Studies different materials and their physical properties
Earth Science
• Realizes that the Earth is composed of land, air, and water
• Understands that resources can be observed through responsibility
Life Science
• Discovers that different types of plants and animals inhabit the earth. 
Investigation and Experimentation
• Asks meaningful questions
• Communicates observations orally and through drawings


Social Studies/History (60 Weekly Minutes)
• Understands that being a Christian citizen means making responsible choices at home, school, and in our community
• Develops an understanding of Catholic values such as love, kindness, honesty, and trust
• Commemorates historical events and people through celebrations and seasons
• Recites the Pledge of Allegiance and sings patriotic songs
• Develops an awareness of our planet Earth and how we can conserve and protect our environment
• Learns how to follow classroom and playground rules and knows the consequences of breaking them
• Develops an awareness of people and their related jobs at school


Computer (30 Weekly Minutes)
• Receives a basic introduction to the computer • Identifies and uses letters, number keys, space bar, enter, and back space/delete keys


Physical Education (60 Weekly Minutes)
• Develops motor skills, balance, and ball skills through participation in relays, rhythmic activities, and agility games
• Increases body skills and coordination through exercises and calisthenics
• Develops sport skills and participates in track activities
• Develops an understanding for physical health and nutrition


Fine Arts (60 minutes in Music)
• Learns about visual and tactile perception
• Develops creative expression
• Becomes familiar with visual art heritage
• Participates in analysis and interpretation of art
• Art is incorporated in thematic units throughout the curriculum
• Introduced to concepts of beat, structure, pitch, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone
• Develops creative expression through songs, rhythmic games, use of rhythm instruments
• Experiences and develops attentive listening skills 
• Begins to understand historical and cultural heritage
• Develops and appreciation of music


Educational Field Trips

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