Middle School Religion - Mrs. Sherry Scheftner

Welcome to my classroom page! Below you will find important information regarding the class curriculum. Check back soon to see what my students are doing in class. School begins August 18th.

7th gr stations


6th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

• Studies the Signs of Faith
• Studies the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation,
Communion, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and Holy Orders
• Studies the Old Testament: creation, sin, and God’s promise
• Studies the Covenants: the Covenant of Sinai, the Freedom Covenant, and the Covenant of the World
• Studies the mysteries of evil
• Studies the Holy Land and the Promised Land, the coming of Jesus, and the Catholic Church
• Studies holy days and the saints
• Observes and celebrates the Holy Days of Lent
• Participates in altar serving and the choir
• Participates in liturgical celebrations, weekly masses, readings, petitions and prayers, and prayer gatherings
• Shares daily prayers or petitions
• Participates in community outreach through Pennies From Heaven and Jump Rope for Heart
• Donates items for the needy during Thanksgiving and Christmas
• Raises money for the Holy Childhood campaign
• Required to complete community service hours



7th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

• Recognizes God as a personal God who reveals His teaching through Christian scripture and the Sacraments, which are visible signs of God’s grace uniting us in faith
• Understands Mary’s role in salvation
• Understands the communion of saints as the union of all those who follow Jesus
• Understands and experiences prayer as memorized, spontaneous, meditative, and contemplative
• Experiences participation in a variety of prayer forms and liturgical celebrations
• Attends and participates in weekly liturgical celebrations and special days of observation
• Reviews the parts of Mass and properly responds
• Witnesses to life as a Christian with uniqueness and human dignity
• Understands that service is a response to the message of Jesus, and that the people of God have been and are active throughout history
• Actively participates in community outreach projects
• Understands the relationship of choices and actions in sexuality and Christian maturity
• Recognizes the moral guidelines for life as a guide for making good choices
• Learns formal prayer appropriate to grade level

• Required to complete 20 community service hours during the year.



8th GradeReligion (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

History and Doctrine
• Demonstrates knowledge of the history, challenges, and contributions of the Church from the First Century to the present
• Understands rites and traditions
• Understands how early Christian communities grew and related to the secular world
• Knows the heritage specific to the Church in the US
• Knows the history of major saints and leaders in the
• Understands the tenants of the Nicene Creed
• Understands the origin and purpose of Catholic doctrine
• Develops an understanding and ownership of the values and ideals of Jesus Christ
• Reads various New and Old Testament sources
• Participates in morning offering and petitions, noon prayer, and afternoon prayer
• Learns and engages in various forms of prayer
• Celebrates weekly Mass and special Church feast-day
• Composes prayers, introductory themes, and intercessions
Social Justice
• Actively engages in community service
• Appreciates the origin and development of the Church’s social doctrine (Beatitudes)
• Required to complete 20 community service hours during the year



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