2nd Grade


what we learn in 2nd grade


Religion (175 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

• Recognizes Jesus in the form of bread and wine, which comes to us through the Eucharist and that God, our creator, sends Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help and guide us
• Recognizes that God’s Word is experienced through the Bible, and that Mary is the mother of Jesus
• Reflects on the lives of the Saints• Participates more fully in worship through school and parish liturgies and sacraments
• Calls on God through prayer
• Learns the parts of the Mass and various devotions, and celebrations
• Continues to develop a personal responsibility, makes choices, follows rules, and learns to live the message of Jesus through service and kindness to others
• Learns formal and informal prayer and liturgical responses• Attends weekly Mass
• Prepares for the sacrament of First Eucharist and First Reconciliation

Language Arts (800 Minimum Weekly Minutes)