Middle School Social Studies - Ms. Judee Mattson

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Wsh DC


6th Grade Social Studies (175 Minimum Weekly Minutes)
Ancient Civilizations
• Traces roots of early humankind and identifies characteristics of ancient societies
• Discovers the early middle eastern civilizations and ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Israel, and Greece
• Understands the strength and vastness of the Roman Empire
• Traces and locates the migration and expansion of ancient civilizations
• Explains how geography affected ancient civilizations
• Identifies the importance of geography as a contributing factor to the human story
• Recognizes the importance of economic, political, religious, and social structures of ancient civilizations
• Understands the connection between social organization and waterways in the success of an economy

7th Grade Social Studies (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

World History

•  Analyzes the causes and effects of vast expansion and disintegration of the Roman Empire

•  Analyzes the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of Islam in the Middle Ages, the civilizations of China in the Middle Ages, and the sub-Saharan civilizations 

•  Compares and contrasts geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of Meso-American and Andean civilizations

•  Analyzes the origin, accomplishments, and geographic diffusion of the Renaissance

•  Analyzes the historical development of the Reformation

•  Analyzes the historical developments of the Scientific Revolution and its lasting effects on religious, political, and cultural institutions

•   Analyzes political and economic changes in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries

8th Grade Social Studies (225 Minimum Weekly Minutes)

American History

•  Develops and applies geography, critical thinking, and research skills

•  Interprets and analyzes information

•  Summarizes immediate and long-term causes and effects of important historical development

•  Understands history of multicultural heritage in the US

•  Develops ability to make generalizations, detects bias, and recognizes fact and opinion

•  Knows responsibilities and rights of US citizenship

•  Understands major events preceding and leading to the Civil War

•  Analyzes attempts to abolish slavery

•  Develops an understanding of American economy (past and present)

•  Demonstrates knowledge of major historical events and their relationship to each other

•  Explains central issues and problems, past and present

•  Develops knowledge of negative influences in our history with respect to racism, discrimination, and intolerance

•  Understands the importance of Native Americans in our past and recent history


•  Distinguishes various geographic regions within the United States and understands the relationship between human survival and the land


•  Recognizes the significance of trade between Europe and the Americas

•  Studies the economies of the early colonies

•  Understands the importance of a dependable monetary system in the young United States
Educational Field Trip
•  8th Grade Washington DC Trip - Trip itinerary varies annually. Stops can include Jamestown, Arlington Cemetery, Gettysberg, Mt. Vernon, Monticello, and Washington DC sites. Approximate cost for 2015 is $1600 per student.

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