Transitional Kindergarten Program For Four Year Olds





Transitional Kindergarten is an exciting educational opportunity offered to children who are four years old before September 1st of the start of the current school year. The full day Transitional Kindergarten program has a developmentally appropriate curriculum which will prepare your child for success in kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum includes


• Religion: With the goal of students becoming individuals of faith who live the Gospel message, students are taught basic formal prayers, attend Mass accompanied by an 8th grader, and learn and understand Bible verses. Students learn that each individual is a unique child of God with special gifts to share.

• Social-Emotional Development: Social-emotional development indicates how children acquire the social skills, self-awareness, and personal qualities that are interconnected with learning in a classroom setting. Skill development includes self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, self-regulation, self expression, verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction with others, and co-operative play skills

•  English Language Arts: Language is one of the most important tools that children acquire, one that is essential for cognitive development, reading achievement, communication, and school performance. Curriculum includes development of language and literacy skills including foundational skills in print concepts, writing, speaking and listening skills; grammar usage and vocabulary acquisition; phonological awareness of words and sounds; phonics and word recognition; understanding of key ideas and structure of books; and development of age-appropriate reading skills. 

•  Mathematics:  Mathematical concepts are introduced through everyday interaction within the students’ environment. Student will develop skills including counting and number order; understanding the concepts of addition and subtraction; measurement and time concepts; classification of objects; and understanding of shapes and patterns.

•  Science: The Transitional Kindergarten environment provides opportunity to understand science through observation and experimentation. Concepts include identification of physical properties of objects, and identification and description of the environment, weather, and life stages of plants and animals through investigation and experimentation. 

•  Social Studies: Even in transitional kindergarten, children are prepared to become moral and productive adults. Concepts of good citizenship, identification of appropriate role models, and identification of common jobs are learned along with geography and maps, and an understanding of history through explanation of holidays and intervals of time. 

•  Physical Education: Students are shown how to be health-conscious individuals and taught age-appropriate motor skills. Concepts include fine motor skills such as cutting, building, writing; gross motor skills such as running, skipping, throwing, catching and pouring; participation in physical activities; and explanation of healthy foods, exercise and rest to maintain health. 

•  Fine Arts: Students will have the opportunities to develop their God-given talents in art, music, and drama. Use of materials to create developmentally appropriate works of art, identification of colors and shapes, understanding of music rhythm, singing, use of musical instruments, act out roles by portraying imaginary and real characters.


Class size is limited to 20 students with a teacher and full time aide. Because of limited number of openings, early registration is recommended.

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