Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parent participation is vital to a successful school program. A sense of joint responsibility shared by parents and teachers forms the basis of the Faith Community in which the child will be nurtured and will grow into a happy, responsible Catholic adult. A program that brings about successful parent-teacher interaction assures that the task of educating the child is a cooperative responsibility.  In addition to fulfilling mandatory parent participation requirements, the parents are encouraged to participate in the social activities of the Parent Association.  We, at St. Barbara School, encourage all our students' parents to be actively involved members of our school family.

Parent Participation Requirements

As a requirement of student enrollment in St. Barbara School, parents must participate in the following:

Service Hours:  

Two parent families must complete 25 service hours per year; single parent families must complete 15 service hours per year.  At least 5 of these hours must be completed at the Parish Festival in September.  Additional hours may be completed by helping in the office or classroom, chaperoning field trips, donating office and health room supplies, and providing other needed services. Numerous opportunities are available to allow parents to complete their service hours. You may opt to buy out service hours at $25 per hour.

Parent Association:  

Every parent of students enrolled in St. Barbara School is a member of the Parent Association.  At least one parent from each family must attend August Back to School Night and September and May Parent Association meeting, and other mandatory meetings.  The Parent Association meetings are usually held once a month on Wednesday evenings.   These meetings are an important means of communication between the school and parents. Meetings include information on current issues, updates on fundraisers and special events, and presentations pertinent to religion, social issues, and parenting.

Fund Raising

Fund raisers are an important source of financial support for St. Barbara School. Each family is required to raise $500 in profit to meet the needs of the school.  Once this profit is met, additional profit will be credited to school approved expenses or educational trips. You may opt to buy out of fund raising at a cost of $50 per month. Profit can be raised in the following ways:


Parent Association Fund Raisers:

Parent Association sponsored fund raisers are a great way for family, friends, and co-workers to help raise funds for our students.  Parent Association holds chocolate and gift wrap drives, cookie dough sales, and spring fund raiser. 30-40% of sales (depending on event) will be credited to your account.  

Festival Raffle Tickets:

Parents are offered the opportunity to invite friends and family to help with their child’s tuition through the Fall Festival Raffle ticket sales. 100% of all tickets sold will be applied to your fund raising account.

SCRIP Program:  

Profit can be raised through the SCRIP program. Grocery, gasoline, retail store, and restaurant gift certificates or debit cards are purchased through the school office for face value. The difference between the face value and the discounted price the school purchases the certificates for is applied to your fundraising account. This is an easy way to keep tuition costs down while making your usual grocery, restaurant, gift, and gas purchases. We also credit preferred customer grocery programs such as Albertsons's and Ralph's.  Family and friends can also help you meet your fund raising goal.

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Additional Parent Involvement

School Advisory Board:

The Diocese has decreed that each parochial school shall have a school advisory board. The St. Barbara School Advisory Board consists of three officers, and the Chairpersons of Finance, Development, Technology, Buildings & Grounds, Legal Issues, and Spirituality. Under each of these chairpersons are committees. The board is made up of school parents and other volunteers from the larger community who are interested in the well being of the school in the present and sustaining it into the future.

Booster Club:

Every parent/guardian who has a child participating in after school sports is a member of the Booster Club. Under the direction of the Athletic Director, the Booster Club helps organize team parents, carpools and snacks for games, runs snack bar at home games, runs the "New Year’s Tip Off Classic" "B" Basketball tournament in January, and organizes the end of year Sports Banquet. Various fundraisers enable the purchase of uniforms and sports and training equipment.

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